Puffy Nipple Girls
She is slender, fair skinned, and blessed with a pair of beautiful little titties that are so firm and so pointy they should come with a warning label. Sabrina is a fun, carefree spirit that likes to hang around naked, cracking jokes and relaxing. She is amazingly comfortable with her beauty ... and the world is much better for it.
Boobs: A-cup
Areola Size:
Nipples: Pointy

Breast Shape: Conical
Nationality: American
Vibe: Ambitious

Puffy Nipples   Puffy Girl   Puffy Girl
Perky Cones
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  Lines in a Hi-Rise
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  Topless (in Jeans)
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Trinity   Puffy    
Little Gumdrops
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  Pointy Girl w/ Cats
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