Puffy Nipple Girls

She goes by Kay. And she walks about with a knowing allure, not unaware of the hypnotic power that her beauty affords her, especially those large, splendid eyes. Her red hair, in a little bob, with bangs, stirs affection and comfort. But when she reveals her naked form, one soon realizes that Kay is actually a goddess, a heavenly being with the physical perfection granted only to a chosen few. Her hippy, Betty Page charisma invites instant love and adoration.

Boobs: C-cup
Areola Size:
Nipples: Puffy

Breast Shape: Large cones
Nationality: USA
Vibe: Creative

Puffy Girl   Puffy Girl   Puffy Girl
Sheer Top
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  Corner of the Bed
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Trinity     Puffy
Corner of the Bed
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  In the Hall
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  White Undies
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Puffy   Puffy   Puffy
Dangling Attire
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  White Panties
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  Bathroom Puffies
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